Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Events

January 10 from 11 to 3. Bring a Spanish Tapas, a bottle of Spanish Wine (white or red and wrapped in foil) and your own wine glass (or 2) to paint. We'll have a very loose, informal aroma class with our favorite Wine Woman, Carol. Bring a notepad to take notes.
Lisa Days house in W. Richland. 2 spaces left.

January 15. Kestrel Barrel Room ( behind the tasting room), Prosser. Blending party with John Gabriel at 1:30pm. This will be limited to those that have already pre-paid for their cases.
4 cases left.
FEB. 12~ Bottling @ 1:30 in the Kestrel Barrel room.

February 10 ~ Sandi Whistler is hosting this event in her home in W. Richland. Red wine and chocolate theme (or anything pertaining to Valentine's Day)

February 15 & 17 Mosaic Class at Lisa Day's. Must sign up ahead of time. More details to come.

March 8, Barnard Griffin Tasting, 11am, Richland. No charge, but please purchase some wine. They are letting us bring our appetizers and desserts into their winery. Barnard Griffin has been a regular winner in our WWW blind tastings. BRAVO!

"Down Under" tasting with Alice from Shingleback and Red Knot by Precept Wine Brands. TBA

Results from the Bordeaux tasting

25 WWW showed up at Miss Charlenes house for a day of food, wine, & Apres Vin products. That was YUMMY, fun and educational all at the same time. THANK YOU ERIC AND LORI!!!

After carefully tasting all 15 wines, the winners were:
#1 Mouton Cadet Rothschild
#2 Barnard Griffin Cab/Merlot Blend
#3 Smasne Cellars County Line

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2009 Bordeaux Orders

We are ready to start taking orders for your WWW 2009 Bordeaux wine. We need to buy 25 cases for one barrel of wine. With 76 WWW members, we may run out! 1st come, 1st serve.....

As of January 5th, we have 4 cases left.

John says that the grapes have all come the Horse Heaven Hills. The price is $18 per bottle and $216. per case. Please send me your personal check made out to JOHN J. GABRIEL in the amount of $216. before January 8th to assure your case. We will give John your check, collect the tax balance and the $3. for your labels at the blending party on January 15. If you would like to split a case with a friend, that will be fine, but still send me one check and include both your names for our records. We are only selling cases of 12, not by the bottle.

Email Gayle if you need the address for mailing.