Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunch at Milbrandt Winery

Caroline, Gayle, Cindy & Marsha

Paine and Nancy at the milking machine

Quality Controls & Production Managers


Julie & John McDonald at their first event

Brett & Karen are hard workers.
Good job Karen!

What a Day!
I was so blessed by all the guys and gals that showed up on Saturday to help with bottling 653 bottles of wine (according to my husbands calculations). I know this was such a blessing to John to be able to meet so many of you and to sell two barrels of his wine. He sent me a truly thankful text last night.
John's surprise gift from Marsha...her famous blue cheese pecan appetizers.
As for us, it was such a unique opportunity to see and experience so much of the process it takes to produce a bottle of wine. Maybe our next big venture should be planting a vineyard...hehehe...apparently you never know what can happen to a seemingly innocent group of women who were just setting out to explore the wine region around their community....
Michelle Bell's amazing signature footwear for the day.
My pictures did not turn out very good with the lighting and my cheap snap and I had a little fun with them to document part of the day. Many more pictures I am sure will be forth coming.
A big thanks again to all, and especially Gayle our fearless leader, her helpers (you know who you are) and of course Mr. John Gabriel. Also one big thank you to Mike Andrews of Coyote Canyon for sharing his facilities with us for the day. And bless the gal pouring in the front for putting up with all our hoopla.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our new baby

Our first wine was blended today. I think we all did pretty well for first timers. We came up with this formula:

67% Sangiovese in a French Oak (#108) barrel from the Elerding Vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills.
30% Cabernet Sauvignon In an American Oak (#111) From Smasne Vineyard in H.H.H.
3% Syrah (#104) from Kestrel Vineyards, H.H.H.

I love the picture of MaryAnn and all of us with our noses in the Cab barrels. The Cab had a coffee/tobacco smell that we couldn't get enough of.
I think we'll have to have a party next August when we can open our first bottles.
A BIG thank you to Jimee and Cindy who took all our photos to commemorate this event.
Another BIG thanks to Muscat Pat for the excellent job printing our labels.
John was a wonderful host and teacher and we can't wait to work with him again in the future.

Karen & Yvonne, Nancy & Linda

An Amazing Day!

It was such a fun day. I loved experiencing this with old friends and new ones. Women Who Wine, has blended their first barrel of wine and are planning on bottling and labeling our wine this Sat. in the back of Coyote Canyons facilities. Today we met at Kestrel's warehouse with such a treat in store for us. John Gabrielle led us in a very informative experience as we tasted and blended our way to a Super Tuscan Blend. John provided some great appetizers to help our palates along. John is a French trained chef as well as a vintner, both special talents led to a unique experience.

Thank you so much John for offering us this wonderful opportunity. And a big thanks to Gayle our amazing K-Syrah who put all her organizing talent to work for us on this special day.

The icing on the cake at the end of the day was to find out that the colors on our label that had been designed for us by Dusty Kenny was a perfect match to our bottle and cap. Thank you so much Dusty! We were all delighted.