Monday, January 11, 2010

Our new baby

Our first wine was blended today. I think we all did pretty well for first timers. We came up with this formula:

67% Sangiovese in a French Oak (#108) barrel from the Elerding Vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills.
30% Cabernet Sauvignon In an American Oak (#111) From Smasne Vineyard in H.H.H.
3% Syrah (#104) from Kestrel Vineyards, H.H.H.

I love the picture of MaryAnn and all of us with our noses in the Cab barrels. The Cab had a coffee/tobacco smell that we couldn't get enough of.
I think we'll have to have a party next August when we can open our first bottles.
A BIG thank you to Jimee and Cindy who took all our photos to commemorate this event.
Another BIG thanks to Muscat Pat for the excellent job printing our labels.
John was a wonderful host and teacher and we can't wait to work with him again in the future.


Anonymous said...

Today was soooooooo fun, and informative, too. How many wine drinkers do YOU know that can tell you the number of grape clusters per vine that will yield 3.5 tons/acre? Or how different the SAME wine from the SAME year with the SAME oak origin can taste totally different in 2 separate barrels?? Or that we would be tasting, blending, bottling and labeling our own wine?!?!
Thanks to everyone involved today - Dusty for the label, Cindy for introducing us to John while hosting the tasting that led to this endeavor, Gayle for organizing the day, drivers, tasters, observers, and last, but certainly not least, John, for sharing his love and knowledge of winemaking from barrel to bottle with all of us. Thanks for blogging, Cindy and Gayle!
See you Saturday,

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for welcoming my mom and me so graciously yesterday! We had a fabulous time and learned so much – thank you, John!!
We are SO looking forward to the next WWW event!!

Kim Pietrok & Carolyn Fanning

Anonymous said...

AMEN to what Karen said!