Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our First Jaunt to Wine Country

Our virgin trip.... how very exciting!
A group of women gathered together by our expert tour guide, that's right Ms K. Syrah herself. Our amazing leader who has brought us together to do some meanderings and explorations of the wonderful vineyards and wineries around the Columbia Valley.

Our first jaunt was to a few of the Wineries of the Walla Walla Valley. Forgeron's, Basel Cellars, and a lovely chocolate boutique, The Petits Noirs Boutique was included along the way. We topped the day off with a delicious lunch at a place called Luscious. All in all it made for a most wonderful first outing!
We quickly learned each others wine preferences and have come up with some fun names for ourselves. Introducing K. Syrah otherwise know as Gayle, our leader and as previously stated excellent guide tour. She loves a good spicy Syrah. We found out Michell has been dubbed a "Cupcake" by another she is now know to us as our Chardonnay Cupcake. Now Makyla made no bones about the fact that she does not prefer a "dancing on the tongue" Syrah, but was definitely into a smooth Merlot...hence her name Merlot Jo . Now I am not sure Ann has established her preference, but she did turn us all on to what I think is our group favorite from this trip, Cabernet Franc from Forgeron's K. Syrah put it "Yummy"! Since I am in love with Alexandria Nicole's Viognier, and love the fruity bouquet that has a hint of sweetness but with a good balance of acidity. (I stole that from their I have been named Viognier Vixen.

Well I think we are off to a good start, a fun adventure, a meandering journey for a fun group of
Women Who Wine

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a woman who is said...

Hey WWW's I think I am as confused as Merlot Jo...I originally had Women Who Whine, and than when I saw Gayle's email, I thought I had gotten it wrong. So what ever the consensus is let me know? We were a little distracted in the back seat =)
I like Whine for the humor content =]