Monday, November 17, 2008

December Meeting at C.C.'s

We will be meeting in December on the 4th at 10:30am at the lovely home of C.C.'s to enjoy lunch and a blind Chardonnay wine tasting. This way we won't have to cancel due to possible bad weather on an out of town trip.

Carol is serving what I am sure will be a yummy casserole ( that girl can cook), and Gayle is bring a delicious apple tart dessert I am told. So the rest of us can fill in with appetizers.

Don't forget to disguise your bottles of chardonnay $20.00 and under, as this will be a blind tasting. (and let's make sure we coordinate with Carol at Albertsons lol). Maybe we should invite her????

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Catie said...

Greetings Women Who Wine!

I love this! From your meetings to your individual names! I, for several years, referred to myself as "Cabernet Catie." Many thanks for dropping by my blog. Did you also happen to check out my other site,
If not, please drop by and sign up for my mailing list for news about my events and specials.

If you ever have any questions about the Walla2 area and looking for ideas on where to eat, drink, shop, and even sleep, please let me know. I wish I lived closer - you look like a great group to be involved with. Thanks again for stopping by.