Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Luncheon

It was a wonderful day to take a drive out to Merlot Joe's for our February luncheon. This time, you guessed it I am sure. We were blind tasting Merlot. If my notes serve me correctly the big winner was an out of state wine Twomey 2005, from Napa Valley, CA. I believe miss Michelle lifted this particular bottle from her husbands stash? Correct me if I am wrong =/ It was delicious! We did find ourselves a little confused at times through out this tasting, some of the ladies snuck in some blends and even a cab or two. But in the end this wonderful wine won out.

Merlot Jo was the perfect hostess and the appetizers and desserts were amazing.
Gayle's yummy molten chocolate cake!
A good time was had by all. Some new gals have joined our club and I would like to introduce you to them.
Starting on the left is Nancy B. She is still in search of a WhINE name. Maybe we can help her out here and give her a few suggestions. She lives smack dab in the middle of wine country and runs a B&B.
The second gal on the left is Muscat Pat, who is also a recent transplant to the region and just so happens to be a lover of good wine and a wonderful cook. You should be posting some recipes here Pat?
Next I believe is Mary, at first time attendee!
Another gal who is fairly new and hasn't chosen her name, or maybe I just didn't catch it is Jody. She was getting such a kick out of her switcheroo with a cab during the Merlot tasting. She is the little cutie in the middle, between Merlot Jo, and Rou.

So next month we are again staying in town for some authentic Italian cuisine, and Italian wine tasting at K Syrah's.

Maybe she can fill us in here on the date and time. All I can remember is that I am bringing the salad !

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Jodi said...

I had a wonderful time. Thanks for posting the pictures!