Friday, August 28, 2009

September Outing!!!

YIPPPPEEEE! Why is it that we're always SO happy that September is here? Is it because our sweet, wonderful children are finally off to school again? Is it because the grapes are ripening and it will only be a few weeks untill they get picked? We love Fall no matter why......

Well, I keep hoping we can leave tomorrow for our jaunt, but we have to wait until Sept. 14th.

Meet at K. Syrah's house at 9am, bring your cooler or wine bag. We are off to Sunnyside to a SPECIAL location. It's a winery that is not open to the public AND was mentioned in the Wine Spectator this month. See photo of their vineyard.

I will tell you that lunch & tasting will be in Prosser at Wine O'Clock and then to another new winery around there. Are you all in suspense?

So far, the WWW that are going are: Ann, Jodi, Cindy, Pat, Karen and a newbie- TRACI !! Anyone else?
Anyone up for a girls night out at Alexandra Nicole? Thursday night, October 1st in Prosser. Mark your calendars. Makyla will tell us more later......

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a woman who is said...

I am so excited to be with everyone again...and the suspense is exciting. I wonder what new little treasures you have found Ms Gail????