Thursday, December 3, 2009


Women Who Wine will be making Washington history in January. Our first vintage will be blended, bottled and labeled by the Women Who Wine. The official govt. label for the back of the bottle will be supplied by John. The Bella Vino label was designed by Dusty Kenny in Calif.

John Gabrielle from Coyote Canyon will be helping us blend from his barrels on Monday, January 11th at 10am. I believe it will be done at Coyote Canyon, but we'll let you know for sure as the date gets closer.

Then bring your husbands on Saturday, January 16th at 1pm to help us bottle, label, & box. I can't think of anything more exciting than this! I can't wait to make our 2010 SUPER TUSCAN!!!!
Email any ideas you may have for names, labels, colors, etc.......
B.F.F. Wine? I wish we had a good photo of us all.
Whoda thunk we'd be winemakers?

Women Who Wine doing a preview tasting of our first Super Tuscan blend! It was so fun ladies, thanks for joining us today !

Talk to Muscat Pat if you would like to purchase one of her wine bottle lights. She showed off her lovely wares today! Gorgeous looking cheese plates too!


winer101 said...

Today's tasting was wonderful, and the opportunity to bottle our own 'private label' 2010 wine is beyond exciting! Can't wait!!!

Caroline said...

Gayle - I met you on Friday at Sapolil in Walla Walla and I have 2 questions - 1)How would I go about joining Women WHo Wine? and 2) I am just moving to the tricities and I have a mixed case of wine that I am trying to ship home for the holidays - do you know anyone who will ship a mixed case of wine to Mass. or Texas?
CAroline Melton (