Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don Carlo Vineyard

Don Carlo Vineyard, established in 2007 and located in Milton-Freewater, is owned and operated by Tim and Lori Kennedy.  Prior to owning the vineyard Tim made potato chips.....awesome potato chips.  In fact, Tim is the Tim in Tim's Cascade Chips!  I was quite excited to learn this because Tim's Chips have been my family's favorites for years.  And after tasting the Kennedy's wines, it's obvious they put as much love into their new endeavor as they did the last. 

This picture of the vines being planted was very cleverly taken by Karen Sowers - it's actually a picture of a picture!  Looks real doesn't it? In the previous picture you can see Lori showing/explaining to Michelle the various stages of the vineyard's progress by using the pictures on the coffee table.  It is from one of these that Karen took her picture.

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