Friday, August 13, 2010

Our First Release Party!

We were all looking in different directions :)
What a wonderful night we had. The view was outstanding, the food amazing, and the wine was spectacular!!! Thank you so much to our host winery Tapteil, and the duo "Blue Mountain Spanish Sound" for a delightful evening.

What a great culmination of events this evening was. For most of us it was our very first taste of our Bella Vino Super Tuscan Blend 2008 . A journey that for some of us started two years ago with maybe a dozen gals. Now we are boasting a loose membership of over 63 women. Who knows what is next for this amazing bunch of ladies who are out to explore the wine and the wine regions surrounding our home town base of Tri Cities, in eastern Washington. This winter we had an offer we couldn't refuse when John Gabriel proposed to help us custom blend and bottle our very own barrel of wine. John the wine maker helped walk us through a fun day, tasting and sipping, and blending from nine barrels of his amazing wine he had stored at Kestrel's. After the process of blending our wine, we met up at a later date to bottle the wine. Thanks to the gracious hospitality of Coyote Canyon who allowed us the use of their facility.

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Some of the husbands...not to be left out of the party

Now begins the third year of this great adventure. Come join us and see what we will be up to this year!

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