Friday, September 10, 2010

Zillah Tour

Thirteen women showed up at Starbucky's Thursday morning. I'm sure the patrons wondered what was going on in the parking lot- a Chinese Fire Drill? Anyway, we headed to CULTURA where we had the BEST experience tasting of the day. We all loved Sarah and Tad, their darling tasting room, BATHROOM- OMG!, and the big barrel room full of French Oak Barrels (and one token Hungarian). My personal favorite was the Cab Franc.
We loaded up the 3 cars and caravaned up to Silver Lake. We were supposed to have lunch there, but our plans quickly changed. 'Nuf said. We did get some great ideas for winter crafts and for our next label.
Drove back down the road to Maison De Padgett. The ladies there were super sweet and the gardens were to die for! Cindy, you missed a good garden! We quickly unpacked our picnic and went inside to buy a glass of wine to have with lunch. The girls did an amazing job once again with all the awesome goodies. Maison's specialties are Muscats and Ports. I liked the one red- the Sangiovese.
We took a vote whether to go to Hyatt or up to the Bed & Breakfast with the Te-Pee's and they voted for the winery. We'll have to go back to see those again.
I believe that the Women Who Wine now have palate's to distinguish Rattlesnake Hills/ Yakima Valley terroir
( the combination of factors, including soil, climate,and environment, that gives a wine its distinctive character)
[literally: soil]
from other Washington AVA's.

Please put Oct. 5th on your calendars for the next outing. We are going to have a PRIVATE soiree at Catie McIntyre's "Wild Woman of Walla Walla" new wine store! Try to say that fast!

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