Monday, May 9, 2011

We won AGAIN!

I went to Katya's in Richland tonight to join the Brown Bag Monday group. They were blind tasting Tempranillo's and Blended White Wines.

There were more white wine entries. The winners were:
First Place= Willow Crest Pinot Gris (even though it wasn't a blend)
Second Place = Waterbrook Melange'
Third Place + Bookwalter Cuplet

First Place= Women Who Wine Rojo Hermoso
Second Place= Creta Roble
The others smelled like barnyards, so they didn't even place.

Next time you go to Katya's, order the spinach/artichoke/red pepper/cheese dip with the grilled flatbread- to DIE for!
The Brown Bag group is a lot of fun (they all take notes on their I-Phones and Twitter). Ran into our favorite farmer Neil, too.

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