Saturday, April 14, 2012

OMGosh! Great day with the guys!

Our little outing turned into a BIG outing! We started at the Grill On Gage. We felt like royalty as we sat at our long table and the food was already prepared for us. Every single dish was EXCELLENT! We can't wait to go back there again. Maybe it could be like our "Cheers" home away from home....:>)
2nd stop was at Market Vineyards where Erin and Allison told us all about the winery, the grapes, the partners, the wine club, how to properly cut the foil on a wine bottle and about each and every wine. There were more than a few Charlie fans in our group (and some Market members). I think we should seriously think about doing the Big Boss tour on Fathers Day weekend......
We did a little unscheduled stop at Hamilton Cellars. It wasn't on our list, but we had a 1/2 hour to kill before our next appointment. So we meandered through the little Queensgate Village over there to taste the '07 Malbec. Worth the meandering. Is that a word? Thank you Stacie!
Back in our carpool and over Badger Mountain to Canon De Sol Winery. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day, they had the large barn doors open, music playing, a little appetizers, and we tasted Victors wines and Analare's wines. I wish they wouldn't have teased us with the one white that was all gone! It's ok, we bought plenty of reds here. Wonderful people in THIS tasting room- we even nabbed us a new WWW member! Welcome Brenda!
Back in the cars down Badger Canyon Rd to Webber Canyon Rd and over to Benton City where we found Portrait Cellars off a private gravel road. Everyone said it was the highlight of the day. Eve and Ed Shaw make you feel like you are part of their family. The tasting room is in their home kitchen/ great room where you get to hang out with the darling pooches. We all marveled at Eve's art, book, posters, labels and Ed's magnificently crafted Red Mountain wines. He even let us see his basement facility. For those of you that visited here before- remember the awesome Reisling in the tank? We got to buy some and taste next years vintage, too. We are so thankful that Ed is feeling better and that they shared their wonderful gifts & talents with us.
You think we were done? Well, we definitely had our limit, but we had to go up to Tapteil to have a little Sunset Service on the patio.
A great way to end a GREAT day!
Pictures to follow.........

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