Monday, October 8, 2012

The Newberg; Most Excellent Adventure

WWW's Most Excellent Adventure started at 7:30am Friday.
Lisa, Gayle, Jan & Kim laughed their way to Newberg, Oregon. We checked into our room (only $22 a night per person- we know how to save for the important stuff!). Then we set off to explore Newberg and find the most incredible restaurant (that set the tone for the WHOLE weekend), RECIPE.
We had a marvelous lunch and promptly made reservations for dinner Saturday night- it was THAT good!
We got some good recommendations, figured out how NOT to pay tasting fees (crazy), and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Our favorites were: Bergstrom (Pinot), Canas Feast (Tapteil grapes), Stoller (Pinot), Owen Roe (Wa grapes), and Winderlea (view & Chard). Oh, and the grand finale- Pamplin Family. We were able to meet the winemakers, taste out of the fermenters, and go behind the scenes at a few places. It was a very busy time for them- bringing in the grapes, but everyone was smiling and having a good time. We also stopped at Heritage Roses, shopped at Goodwill, Grocery Outlet, Trader Joes, and the Woodburn Outlet Mall. Other culinary delights- Subterra (dinner) and Coffee Cottage- cappucinos, quiches and apple french toast.
I wish I had taken a photo of the back of the car on our way home! Our last stop was at MaryHill for the view, and dinner at Wine O'Clock.
Rykie & Stephanie joined us on the Saturday tour. What a blast we all had!
Next trip will have to include McMinnville- not enough time to see them all.

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