Monday, April 20, 2009

March Tasting

We had 11 W.W.W today. It was a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day. Perfect for our drive around the countryside. All the fruit trees were in bloom and very fragrant.
Our first stop was to Canon De Sol. Victor was a charming host and I have to say that I loved every wine that he made. Did you feel the same way? The girls learned a lot from him.Our second stop was in Benton City at Sleeping Dog Winery. When we finally found it, Larry was there patiently waiting for us. We enjoyed learning about his wine making techniques as well. I finally found a rose' that I liked. The Malbec Rose- tasted like cherries and cranberries. The Tail Wagger Cab blend was YUMMY.....

Lastly, up to Tapteil. We were starving by then, so we broke out our feast and devoured it. We have such great chefs in our group. Our new member, Vicky, brought Chocolate Covered Strawberries. She's welcome back anytime! We had Chinese Chicken Salad, Tortilla Roll ups, Phylo Cups with Gorgonzola and nuts, Fruit Kabobs with a cinnamon roll flavored dip (I want that recipe). There were cheeses, hummus, dolmas, meats, veggies, and crumb cake.

Then we got down to business tasting the wine. Thanks Jane for the fun time and to Argus for the Twinkie gift. We all enjoyed the Argus wine, Cabs, and of course- the best Syrah in the world! (I'm a little biased).

A big thanks to our drivers: Mary Ann, Pat, and Karen. We couldn't have done it without you.

Please post your photos here, too.

May 11 is our next trip. Please help me remember where it is we're going?
June 1 is Tulip Lane in Richland.
July is our BBQ, poolside, with hubby's. Here are some dates to consider: 24, 25 or 31?????????

K. Syrah

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a woman who is said...

I am so encouraged to see someone else posting. What a great job K. Syrah. I will have to take hubby out to these wineries sometime soon. And we will have to drop by and visit Argus. And see if Jane found my plants I left by her back door step?

Wow,the food did sound amazing! Hope to meet the newbies on our next outing.

If anybody wants to email me their names to add to our list of WWW I will be glad to do that. They can find me through my blog on the side bar "In a Garden" and click on my profile to email me if you don't already have my email. If you also would like to include your email I will sign you up as a blog author so you may post to this blog yourself. Anybody can comment.